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Total Protection From Gophers In Eastern San Diego County, San Diego

It’s easy to enjoy living in Southern California until you realize all of the natural frustrations that come with the beautiful climate. If you think about all of the dangers that nature poses to your East County area home, gophers probably aren’t at the top of the list. As you get to know these all-too-common lawn invaders, you’ll realize that gophers aren’t exactly the loveable creatures that some movies make them out to be. In fact, you’ll realize why so many homeowners get immediate professional help at the first sign of a gopher problem.

The Danger & Destruction Of Gophers

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Although they are not the most intimidating form of wildlife that will invade your property, gophers can be incredibly difficult to keep out and get rid of. Plus, the longer they stay in the yard, the more property damage and health threats you’ll incur. Gophers will dig holes in your yard to hunt for food and live in, and these burrows will create unsightly mounds in the yard. They also create a large system of underground tunnels that can “cave-in without notice”,  while walking, playing, or just moving around in your yard. This can cause sprained or even broken ankles for you, your children, and, yes, even your pets!

Along with ruining the yard you work so hard to maintain, gophers will bring a variety of health concerns onto your property. First of all, it can be hazardous for adults, children, or pets to encounter a protective mother gopher with her babies nearby. Gophers have sharp claws used for digging that can be used for self-defense when necessary. They’ll also spread a variety of diseases to humans, especially when there is a large infestation. They’ll also carry fleas and ticks into the yard that can latch onto pets and humans, leading to dangerous diseases like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Our Proven Gopher Control Process

If you notice signs of a gopher problem in your yard, make sure we’re your first call. We can get rid of the problem quickly, (usually within 10 days). This is needed  before the health threats, and property damage becomes unmanageable. First, we’ll discuss with you everything that you’ve heard and seen in the yard. We'll go over the patterns of your pets and those that live on your property and determine a course of action for treatment. We’ll then provide a thorough inspection for free, during which we check for any gopher mounds and tunnels both active and inactive.

We’ll use a probe to find the active gopher mounds first, then decide with you what options are best for you and your family from gopher traps, hole baiting, or child and pet-safe spring traps.  We also utilize advanced gopher monitoring systems that alert us as to when a trap has caught one, or new tunnels have started based on an intricated flag system for tracking all activity. Our traps are child and pets safe to ensure the utmost safety of those on your property. Every three days, we’ll come back and check to see the status of the traps. If needed, we also have EPA registered bait that will eliminate gophers underground. Once the gophers are gone, our services include a backed by our “ come back for no charge” guarantee, so you can call us with any issues in between treatments if anything pops up again.

The Lockwood Pest Control Difference

When you have gophers in the yard, you shouldn’t wait a week to get rid of them. Unfortunately, many pest control companies make you wait for their next available slot, allowing the health hazards and property damage to grow unchecked—but not us. We provide same-day and emergency services, even on the weekends, ensuring that your gopher problems will get the necessary professional attention as soon as you need them. Our owner was trained by a professional technician/mentor who had 31 years in the business taking care of this type of pest.

You won’t find a better combination of high-quality pest control experience and attentive, available customer care. Give us a call for a free inspection at the first sign of a gopher problem. Learn more about our home pest control solutions.


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