The Best Form Of Gopher Control In East County San Diego

July 30, 2021

When you think of pest problems in East County San Diego, California, you might first imagine common home-invading species such as rodents, spiders, and ants, and you might not even stop to consider wildlife infestations at first. However, in many parts of San Diego and the surrounding areas, various wildlife can cause many problems including property damage and health risks.

excluding gophers from your garden

One wildlife pest that isn’t often considered until an infestation has already begun is the gopher. These creatures belong to the rodent family, and there are actually around 100 different types of gopher in the country. However, you can identify gophers by looking at these shared characteristics. They have long, oval-shaped bodies and short, brown fur. They have large black eyes and are usually around five to ten inches long.

The biggest problem with gophers is that they are known for building tunnel systems underground. They use their long teeth and front legs to push out the dirt, and these tunnels can grow large and complex especially over time.

Gophers And Yard Damage

One fascinating thing about gophers is that they live alone. So, if you have a gopher problem, even just one individual of this species can cause a lot of issues. They can do a great deal of damage to lawns, and over time, can even destroy a beautiful yard. They will also destroy gardens and can even kill trees and other plants. And, they often destroy things like underground pipes and sprinkler systems. Because of this, no matter how cute they appear, they aren’t a welcome sight around your property.

The other issue is that gophers are really difficult to remove. Because they live in sprawling, underground tunnels, it can be nearly impossible to catch them. They usually only emerge from the tunnels to look for food, and they can hide underground for long periods of time if they feel threatened. This is especially frustrating because gophers in the area can be a problem year-round.

The Best Way To Remove Gophers

Because gophers are very difficult to catch and remove without experience and the proper tools, the best way to handle them is with help from pest control professionals. At Lockwood Pest Control, we specialize in gopher removal services which means we provide the experience you're looking for to eradicate these difficult pests.

We use fumigation methods that force gophers out of their holes in the ground and to the surface. And, we also ensure that the techniques and products we use are safe for your yard, your family, and your pets.

After our service is complete, we make it easy to get in contact with us seven days a week if there's a problem, and we even offer a "come back for no charge" guarantee.

Get Started Today

If you’ve noticed gophers around your East County San Diego property, don’t waste time and money trying to get rid of them on your own. The longer the gopher is left alone the more damage they can do to your yard, the damage that can cost you a lot of time and money to repair.

Give Lockwood Pest Control a call today at 619-972-1900 to learn more or schedule your inspection. You can also reach out to us online to request your free quote!

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