Is It Dangerous To Have Fleas In My East County San Diego Home?

July 15, 2021

Recent data from the San Diego County Department of Environmental Health and Quality indicates that fleas are among the leading sources of plague that can be transmitted to humans and pets. Often, fleas begin spreading harmful pathogens after exposure to rodents, and other unsanitary creatures and conditions. Fleas are wingless parasites that usually appear in shades of brown that move rapidly by leaping into fur, feathers, or other exterior regions of hosts, such as pets or birds.

flea jumping on human skin

The Dangers Posed By Flea Infestations 

Fleas are known carriers of bacterial diseases, intestinal parasites such as tapeworm, tularemia, murine typhus, and other health concerns. San Diego County has developed a Vector Control Program that actively gathers and tests fleas, rodents, mosquitoes, and others for tracking threats to human health. These efforts also involve educating the public regarding the best preventative safety measures. 

Tips For Preventing Fleas Inside The Home

Although homes with pets are more likely to encounter problems with fleas, properties with or without pets may struggle with fleas. Some of the recommended ways to prevent them include: 

  • Owners should ensure their pets are under the care of a veterinarian to prevent fleas, ticks, and similar concerns.

  • Pets should be regularly brushed and bathed, and pet beds thoroughly washed, particularly if you suspect the presence of fleas.

  • Homeowners should routinely use a vacuum cleaner on floors, carpets, and baseboard areas. Those with a known flea problem should place the vacuum cleaner bag or any contents of a canister unit into another plastic bag, and promptly dispose of it. 

  • Remember that simply removing adult fleas will not solve the problem, as their eggs may remain and be developing.

Properly Responding To Intrusions From Fleas

Local home improvement stores and online retailers today actively promote a variety of do-it-yourself home treatment options that are marketed as being quick and easy solutions for expelling pests. In most cases, these products are insufficient for fully eliminating these bothersome critters, and result in prolonged frustration.  
Also, many of these store-bought granular formulas, sprays, and baiting systems may contain potentially harmful chemical agents that are detrimental to people and pets. The best course of action is to immediately speak with an experienced professional that will conduct a thorough interior and exterior assessment of the entire property to determine the nature and extent of the problem. 

Local Provider Of Comprehensive Pest Extermination Services In San Diego 

As a family-owned local San Diego provider of pest control solutions, the team of specialists at Lockwood Pest Control understands the importance of operating in accordance with the latest industry guidelines and best practices to protect our customers, and the local ecosystem. We maintain a firm commitment to the highest standards for training in safely and effectively eradicating invasions of troublesome pests, including fleas, cockroaches, rodents, and others. Property owners with immediate concerns should be aware that we now also offer same-day and emergency services.
Our organization strives to achieve total customer satisfaction by standing behind the quality of our work with a 30-day pest-free guarantee. We look forward to speaking with you to schedule an onsite inspection of the premises, and provide you with a no-obligation estimate. Remember to ask our representative about our year-round residential pest protection plans!

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