East County San Diego's Guide To Black Widow Spider Control 

May 14, 2021

We’ve all seen the cobwebs around the house, and you’ve probably walked through a few spiderwebs around your property from time to time. Typically, aside from making unsightly, annoying webs, spiders won’t do much harm to your property or your health. However, one of the spiders you don’t want on your property is the black widow spider. These legends of folklore may have a lot of mystery about them, but the danger is real. The more you learn about black widow spiders on your East County San Diego property, the more you’ll realize when and why you should get professional assistance. 

Infamous Dangers

You may think you know a lot about black widow spiders, but you might be surprised at what you don’t know. For instance, these spiders are not very big compared to others (usually smaller than a dime with their legs outstretched). They’re distinguished from other spiders by their black, bulbous abdomens, but they don’t all share the iconic red hourglass marking. Only the females feature this mark, while male black widow spiders have an all-black, slightly less bulbous abdomen. 

The good news is that black widow spider bites are much less common than you might think. The bad news is that these bites often require medical attention. Without immediate medical attention, the venom from a black widow bite could lead to nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath, neurological damage, paralysis, and other severe medical conditions. 

As you’re walking around your yard, garage, or basement, be especially careful about where you reach your hand. Black widow spiders like to make messy webs very close to the ground in areas of low human activity, bolstering their chances of catching their pest prey. If you reach into a protected area, between some clutter in the basement, between two rocks in the yard, or any sort of opening that could resemble a small cave, then a black widow spider in hiding may feel threatened enough to lash out.

Prevention With A Professional Touch 

While black widow spiders are not looking to invade homes, they might wind up entering low-traffic areas if they feel like your home is a potential source of pest prey. That’s why keeping your home insect and spider-free should be your first step toward prevention. 

If you have an active infestation, these spiders can be very difficult to get rid of (without putting yourself at risk of a bite). The safest, most effective way to get rid of a black widow problem on your property is with professional assistance from Lockwood Pest Control. With personal, attentive care and your choice of traditional or organic pest eradication solutions, we can get rid of black widow spiders and the pests that attract them. 

If you don’t have a current problem, then your focus can shift to prevention. Reducing pest problems that will attract black widow spiders involves:

  • Managing moisture issues
  • Sealing cracks and crevices 
  • Storing food and trash properly

Plus, storing your firewood away from your home and other structures on the property is one of the best ways to provide a less ideal habitat for black widow spiders, as firewood is one of their favorite places to build their webs.

While all of these methods can reduce your risks of a black widow infestation, there is nothing guaranteed apart from professional assurances. Instead of worrying about insect and spider prevention on your own, put your trust in the pest control company that puts your needs above all else. With a "come back for no charge" guarantee on all of our residential pest control treatments, you can rest assured that we’ll promptly address any issue at no extra charge if you’re within the warranty period. Call us today to schedule a completely free inspection for your East County San Diego home. 

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